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Titania New Year's Wish by michiganj24
Titania New Year's Wish
Titania wants to wish everyone...even She Hulk a Happy Nude Rear...well at least that is what she said after 2 caks of Asgardian Mead. Almost time for the Midnight Boobs to drop
By the one of a kind :iconmaxtlat:
Go Vikings Go from the Savage She Hulk by michiganj24
Go Vikings Go from the Savage She Hulk
From the pen of the mighty :iconmaxtlat: comes some inspiration for the Vikings on the push for the Playoffs. Now who wants to sack this quarterback...the breast in the world

Number 5) Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur. Much like Big Hero 6 this will be one of the more obscure properties Marvel has so freedom to work with it is unlimited. Now you can easily add in Kazar, Shanna and Zabu in (assuming they arent tied in with Xmen deal at all) for more recognizable and human touch points...but I think Pixar is more than capable of doing a movie on these two alone. Devil Dinosaur is a giant red Trex while Moon boy is a small ape like creature who rides on his back and are an inseperable duo due to the fact that Moon Boy saved DD when he was a pup. Obvisouly the merch will be there. The Savage Land is rich for exploitation using all sorts of stories ...the only thing is Pizar is doing the good Dinosaur which early reviews have torn apart

Number 4) Power Pack. This is a property that they have seemingly tried to adapt since I was a kid. First when I was a kid there was talk of a cartoon series but before it could happen the Comic Book cartoon bubble seem to fade out. Then in the 90s they apparently made a live action pilot that even aired but much like the Generation X and Hoff Fury series that never happened it went nowhere likely for many of the same reasons. But its perfect for Pixar. I know some might say well isnt 4 kids with Superpowers a bit like Incredibles....Not really. Power Pack to me always seemed more Space based anyway and other than Walle Pizar hasnt really touched Space. And by doing it as animated you dont have to worry about kids outgrowing the parts very quickly

Number 3) Squirrel Girl......Ok you can stop laughing now....I mean it....I am serious...Here me out...For those who dont know Squirrel Girl is pretty much a non classifiable hero....I would call her a joke hero....but how many of those have victories over Wolverine, Deadpool, Modok, Terrax, Dr Doom and Thanos. But at the same time she is just a very unassuming funny character...and that is what the film could be...Again here is one if you want to give her a cast the Great lakes Avengers/Champions/Lighting Rods/X-men/Whatever name they havent used yet as back up. And Tell me you dont think Monkey Joe wont be a marketable item on par with Baby Groot...I dare you to....(I woudnt recommend saying no if you ever see a pack of Squirrels nearby.)

Number 2) Runaways...Right after the buy out this was a show talked about for Disney XD...and as much as I would love a TV show.....this would have been a bad idea....I have seen similar type shows on that network like Mighty Med and Lab Rats...and seeing the budget they have bad move....Although they could probably do with special effects for simple spells for Nico and maybe even the Fistigons if the didnt use them much...but no way they could do Lucy justice let alone a raptor in every episode.

Now they would probably have to make it a bit less grim to adapt it for Disney but the basic premise that a group of teens discover their parents are evil supervillains is gold

Number 1) She Hulk.....Ok I know I will get some wtf for this...but hear me out. Ok I know you can argue that Hulk is already in the MCU and so should She Hulk....But how....If they put her in the movies she is pretty much Hulk Lite as you wont have time to flesh her out....then what about as a TV series....Special effects budget...Either you have to use a ton to CGI She Hulk.....or you have to get an actress who can play this huge beautiful woman...and let me tell you....there really is not any....There are huge women who can be right size...but they either arent actresses or are not attractive enough....But with Pixar I think they could do a great idea with her......Lets face it people like her best in her own series and that had equal parts action and comedy.....I say make it

SHE HULK SUPERHUMAN ATTORNEY AT can then put in all the b-z level characters you. As a matter of fact there is a great case involving Hercules and Constrictor from the comics that would make a great foundation. Add in people like 2 Gun Kid, Awesome Andy, Titania and Southpaw and you have the makings of a great idea....

Ok now that I have this out of the way onto My idea for Marvel Knights the Movie series that could have been...This will be done In the story section on the vain hope some depraved soul might read it and like it ;)


Ares the Lusty
United States
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian,Fire, She Hulk and Titania, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

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