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May 30, 2011
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The Island Sirens

The Island had been quiet lately. It was an off-season for tourists and even many of the girls who could regularly be seen about the pools, hotels and other amenities were not to be found. I suppose it was not surprising I mean it was not like the heroes and villains could stay there 24-7 or something. They had lives, careers, secret ids to tend to. It was times like this Ares was both at peace and wistful. There were no demands on him from functions or any of the many Angels of the island but at the same time the calmness could be bad for him...after all he was the God of War and Lust not the God of Peace and Tranquility. That day he decided to take a walk about the island..he had no particular destination but perhaps he would find the inspiration for some cure to relive himself with. He climbed to the peak of Mount Draco and peered into the caldera. Then he went hiking along the cliffs before diving into the crystal waters that he swam through to enter the underwater cave system that connected you to any part of the island. It was a place few knew about and even fewer ventured...mainly due to the fact that you pretty much had to breathe underwater to survive under there and if you didnt know you way around you could be lost for days...or weeks or forever. He remembered coming across at least one hapless soul who never made it out. Ares did not have much of a plan. He knew his way out so he just planned to swim to wherever his body took him. He planned to head for the Glade of Gaea but a sensation came over him and pulled him in a new direction. He began to swim and soon he realized where he was headed...the Blue Grotto. As he neared the sensation grew till he began to realize exactly what it was...a both familiar...and strange. As he emerged into the Grotto he could make out two shapes on the far shore...they were clearly feminine but he could not make out any features at a distance. He continued to swim but wondered why he could not shake the buzzing in his head...or the fogginess in his made him unable to concentrate. He found himself at the shoreline and looked up to the rocks above and saw a blond and a redhead...who again seemed both new to him...but also very old. Their skin glistened with water as if cover with oil of Aphrodite herself. Their hair was adorned with all rubies and diamonds, emeralds and sapphires....all woven in as with a fine tapestry. Their bodies were only adorned by the most minuscule of threads...a tropical g string below and up top a small wire hooking a pair of shells over their breasts. As he neared them the fog over his mind began to life and he knew who they were...and more importantly what they were...or at least what they were trying to be.
"Selene and how did you get a Siren's call"
"Just a little something we "borrowed" from Circe"
"of course I should have expected as much...but you must be careful with such magics...The Siren's call has led men to their dooms. if one of the island's many guests had heard they might have drowned trying to get to you."
"Dont worry we took precautions, these spells have limited range...and were set to only affect Greeks...and as we suspected it works on Gods as well as mortals."
"Oh ...I see I was the fly in your what exactly did you plan to do to this helpless pray once he was in your web"
"Just what any good Black Widow them good"
The Sirens encircled him. Neena began to remove his sodden vest and toss it aside, while Selene undid his belt and pull his pants to the ground.
"Ah the legendary Dragon of Ares I presume" as she said this she gently began to stroke it. At the same time Neena began to rub her hand over his chest and nibble on his ear. Selene continued her work as the Dragon began to "unfold its wings"
"Yes...let the dragon roar...and let us be its sacrifice".
Selene and Emma both stepped away from Ares at this point and began to play with each other caressing each others bodies. Then they began a sensual dance grinding and rubbing on each other. As they did this Neena deftly unhooked the shells around the ripe pumpkins of Selene and tossed them aside. At the same time Selene undid the thing about Neena's porcelain booty.
Selene returned to Ares sat astride him pulling his face into her melons rubbing them back and forth. Ares returned the motion my kissing and licking them driving them into a state of ultimate arousal. At the same time Neena also joined in beginning to "ride the dragon". She began to rock back and froth rhythmically increasing the intensity with each passing instances. Ares then seized the moment to use his teeth to snatch at Selene's g-string and yank it off. In response she quickly stood up and flipped 180 then dropped back down wrapping her things and legs around the neck and shoulders of Ares and forced his face into her crotch. As she now faced Neena she reached over and yanked off Neena's shells and dropping them onto Ares's head. She then went pearl diving on her fellow Siren thus completing the human machine chain. She worked her way up her body from the inner thighs to the chiseled abs up to the WMDs and finally up to her lips, tasting every juicy bit. As their lips finally parted Selene whispered to Neena
" I think its my turn to Train the Dragon my dear" and with that the girls changed places. Neena immediately assumed the position vacated by her friend but Selene did not. She instead keeled in front of Ares and like a Python ready to swallow its prey she opened her mouth wide and swallowed the Dragon whole. She treated the Dragon like a Popsicle stick bringing it to a heavy roar and finally making it breathe fire all over. She then slithered like a snake into an embrace with Neena while simultaneously guiding the dragon into the cave. Then as if riding the mechanical bull she began rocking back and forth as if in the rodeo on a bucking bronco. Ride em cowgirl. This continued for quite some time with the trio switching positions many a time and even adding a chapter or 5 to the pages of Kama Sutra least if anyone had been recording they would have ;)

"Now girls you have had your fun...Time for the God of Lust to take over and show you why all the goddesses on Olympus came around to the Lair."
"Oh dear Neena, whatever shall we do"
"I know not exactly but we shall make him work for it....the better to work up an appetite"
And with the pair took off sliding down a mossy hill into another part of the cavern system with Ares right behind. After a lively chase he finally cornered them in a room, a rather special room
"Time to take your punishment like the bad girls you are...but I must say you could not have chosen a better place...The Grotto...where the mossy touch and the echoic feedback serve to heighten feelings of ecstasy to near mythic portions"
"First Selene as the Mortals say Save a horse, ride a girl bareback"
And with that he took her from behind drilling her hard while feeling up her front. Neena slithered up to the pair and alternate deep kisses with each pair in turn before finally going down on Selene driving her into full on seventh heaven till she could not take it any more.
While she recovered Ares turned his attention to Neena
"Please be gentle....then be rough"
"I like the way your mind operates Miss"
He took her face to face and taught her a few positions that even the Karma Sutra thought impossible. In and out he went exploring every bit of her body teasing and touching. Meanwhile Selene had started to recover and began to auto enthusiasm but Ares would have none of that. He stopped just long enough tio pick up Selene and then lifting her up he brought her over and laid her 69 atop Neena. When he plugged in this time she let out a gasp.
'My what a big shaft you have"
"The better to tame you with"
This continued on for quite some time with each girl alternating turns as the meat in the sex sandwich

Many Many orgasms and Much, Much later
"Ah that was a very nice way to relive the loneliness this island experiences during the slow times."
"Dont tell me that the mighty Ares is already tiring...what of your mighty godly stamina'
"Oh we could go at it some more, so long that you will be walking funny for weeks...but I assumed you would have other pressing matters"
"Whatever do you mean'
"You do realize how long we have been down here right...of course you dont the charms of the Siren endowed you with their attributes and therefore you are thinking like an immortal...and to you 3-4 days is nothing in the grand scheme'
"And weren't you taking care of Amon for Nathan...I assume he must be quite ...peckish by now"
"Oh dear we must be going...if anything happens to that pussy Nathan will never forgive us...and worse yet he will cut off our allowance at Janet's boutique."
The two girls quickly dressed and headed off towards the secret exit back to their estate. As they waddled off he smiled and saw that indeed they would be walking funny for some time to come.
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BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
:love::horny::hump: <- I guess this sum all that I want to say :D
Nao, jokes aside for a minute: you wrote a lovely story, filled with details and passion.
I can actually feel from your writing that you were a little un comfy in the writing but that you keept going anyway and of that I can only thank you thiiiiiiiis much! :w00t:
michiganj24 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Thank you I wanted so hard to please you. I didnt want to disappoint (No man does lol) And it was not so much being uncomfortable as more inexperienced in this writing
ExGemini Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be your very first erotic tale, I'm very impressed.
I still believe you use too many metaphors but it's part of your style, erotic or not :nod:
The way you depicted the two ladies isn't too far from the real ones, trust me that I know them quite well :horny:
michiganj24 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Yes i got some coaching on that lol and yeah metaphors and flowery speech while I will never be a writer of scripts for porn despite being in porn central USA
Stigmartyr762 Featured By Owner May 30, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Very cool :)
michiganj24 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Stigmartyr762 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
michiganj24 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Cnids Featured By Owner May 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This is literally the cheesiest thing I have seen in weeks.
BlackQueen77 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Hey troll, want a cookie?? :rofl::lmao:
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